• Small riding horse of the year 1988/9 & 1990
  • 138cm Show Pony of the Year
  • 148cm show pony of the year 3 times
  • Champion SHP RIHS 1994
  • Champion Intermediate RIHS 1994 2006 2008
  • Show Hunter Pony of the Year 1996
  • Mini Show Pony of the Year 2004
  • Supreme British Show Horse Association 2006
  • Large Intermediate Show riding type winner RIHS 2006/7/8
  • Supreme Champion BSPS Summer & Winter Champs 2008
  • Supreme Show Pony BSPS Summer Champs 2008
  • 153cm Show hunter Pony of the year 2009
  • Hack of the year 2010
  • Coloured Non Native Pony of the Year 2011


Pendle First Light
Owned and ridden by Penny Hollings

  • 1st & champion NCPA Spring Spectacular
  • 1st Riding Horse Showcase of Champions
  • 2nd RIHS Riding Horse Staffordshire County
  • 5th HOYS Riding Horse Great Yorkshire
  • 5th HOYS Riding Horse Mid Herts

Ashlands Maiden Law
Owned by Johanne Lee ridden by Jess Lee

  • 1st In Hand Hack Showcase of Champions
  • 1st Open Ridden & 1st Open Part Bred Foxes
  • 3rd HOYS INT SRT Royal Three Counties
  • 4th HOYS INT SRT NPS Summer Championships

A Remarkable Quest
Owned & ridden by Amy Riley

  • 1st & Reserve Champion RIHS NNH Cheshire Premier
  • 2nd Open NNH BSPS Winter Championships
  • 8th HOYS NNH Midland Counties
  • 9th HOYS NNH TSR Spring

Hermits China Lace
Owned Nicola Reynolds ridden by Penny Hollings

  • 2nd HOYS NCT pony Bakewell
  • 2nd HOYS NCT pony Festival of Hunting
  • 10th HOYS NCT pony CHAPS Championships

Hemingway III
Owned by Pip Farebrother Dunn

  • 1st HOYS NCT Horse Bakewell Show
  • 4th HOYS NCT Horse Festival of Hunting
  • 10th HOYS NCT Horse Aintree National Show
  • 10th Horse of the Year Show 2017

Chagford Lilia
owned by Angela Reeves ridden by Leila Reeves

  • 1st Novice 128cm SP Cheshire Premier
  • 1st Novice & Open 128cm SP BSPS 2b Spring
  • 2nd 128cm SP Lancashire Championships

Barcliffe Balmoral
ridden by Katy Schreiber

  • 1st Novice INT SRT Barton
  • 2nd Open INT SRT Royal Lancashire
  • 2nd Part Bred 2b Spring Show
  • 3rd Young INT SRT BSPS Summer Championships
  • 3rd Novice INT SRT Cheshire Premier
  • 3rd Novice INT SRT Lincolnshire Spring

Strinesdale Genius
Owned by Angela Reeves ridden by Leila Reeves

  • 1st Part Bred Barton
  • 1st Novice In the Spotlight
  • 2nd Novice Barton
  • 3rd Open Barton

Owned by Alex Whitehead ridden by Stacey Wiseman

  • 1st Pre Novice In the Spotlight

Wychwood Funboy
Owned by Angela Reeves ridden by Leila Reeves

  • 5th Restricted Show Pony BSPS Summer Championships


Pendle First Light ridden by Alex
1st 153cm SHP at BSPS 1B qualifiying for RIHS

Strinesdale Distinction ridden by Katy Schreiber
qualified RIHS 148cm Show Pony