After a post Christmas lull we’ve had a busy February with several ponies coming for short term schooling and organising. Sometimes people just need help finding what work routine suits their animals and if they’re here I can formulate a plan which can be continued once home.

We went to Barton E C last weekend with A Remarkable Quest who had to compete hors concours in the CHAPS winter class and did a lovely show with his owner Amy Riley so great practise. Stacey showed Angela Reeves’ novice 138cm show pony Strinesdale Genius in the PBA and sadly he was the only one forward but again great practise.

I judged at Thompson House last Saturday and had some fantastic classes,especially the coloured class.

Sadly there were several very young show ponies shown in doubles and badly fitting saddles. ┬áIt is so important to give youngsters the best start. They shouldn’t be expected to be perfect at this stage and just need confidence.

Overall though the animals forward were beautifully presented and well ridden.